New Flowers...

Yes, I am still obsessed by flowers. They are so beautiful.


Bike + Sun = Yei!!

Hi everyone! Recently I re-discovered my old love, color pencils. Since I was a child I had color pencils next to me. In last couple of years, they were still here but in addition I decided to experiment with some new media as well. Using color pencils again feels like coming back home after a long trip.. Warm and comforting..

Enjoy springtime and remember your old loves!


Find Your Place.

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Love Circles.

Grow together, with love..

(Available at Semblanca's Etsy shop.)


Slow Life

Hello everyone!

This is a drawing that portrays one of my favorite thoughts - a thought about not forgetting to enjoy and celebrate the slow moments of life. I believe you all know and believe in it as well. To make this thought always "there", I made this drawing into a poster. 

Like it? Get it at my Etsy shop: Semiblanca.

Have a great week and enjoy your slow Sunday!


New: "My Imagination's Orchard.." Pillow!

From now you can get your own Imagination's Orchard in a form of a pillow from my Envelop.eu shop. Visit the shop by clicking here: Semiblanca from Envelop.eu
Sweet dreams!


My Imagination's Orchard in Spring.

This is how the orchard of my imagination looks like right now, in spring time (yes, it is already spring in Israel). I worked hard last year to upkeep all the trees, keep them straight and flowering. They rewarded me with their beauty this year. 
Visit me sometimes in my orchard, we can take a walk, it will be a pleasure. 


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Thank you! Hope I win!



Dear friends! I would like to introduce my new project. Imagespiration is a place I created for collecting images that inspire me. Various products of human thought, creativity and talent that I ran into while exploring the web. Hopefully they will inspire you as well! 

Check it out: Imagespiration
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Happy February!

I decided to make printable calendars for you every month. Here's the one for February. You can download it using the link below and print it out on you A4 printer.  Let me know what you think!

>  Download your FEB 2011 MSK calendar .pdf here.

(In case it doesn't work, please leave a comment or contact me)


Books make me fly.

Read away...


Flower in a Pot #8.

Forgot the name of this one but my grandma has it in her garden. (Next to the fence.)


Flower in a Pot #7.

This is a pretty well organized flower. Grows straight in line and on same distance. Likes to grow while listening to classical music.


Flower in a Pot #6.

"Look at me, I grew so tall!" Well done pretty lady!


Flower in a Pot #5.

Beautieeeee..... You left me speechless. 


Flower in a Pot #4.

Don't be shy, grow bigger, grow stronger!


Flower in a Pot #3.

Cherry tree plant. (I was late for the flowers this year, but the fruit is here.)


Flower in a Pot #2.

A flower a day keeps the deep thoughts away. 
But don take cut flowers! Only with a pot - let the live.
And deep thoughts are good, but not too deep!


Flower in a Pot #1.

Flowers are pretty.


Love Cats on a Flying Carpet.

They are thinking what to do next. Making plans for the future. Daydreaming feels so good, but achieving you goals even better. Keep on flying love cats! 

(Btw - Flying carpet is so much fun!)


Elementary Teacher in Retirement.

She used to be an Elementary school teacher. Now she is retired. She still believes in children. She misses them.

Trying to claim my blog at Bloglovin'.

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Zekoo. / Rabbit.

A sketch for new series of badges I am about to do. Keep enjoying.


Checking eachother out in the bushes is fun.

Oh, yes it is. Nice tail you got there. 


Dog Walker.

I saw her the other night when I was going home.


Little Dog. Portrait.

I had a the most beautiful dog in the world, her name was Mara. I  you so much najdra┼ża.


Little Cat. Portrait.

She posed so long that she fell asleep.


Little Rabbit. Portrait.

Do you like him?


Girl with balloon.

You don't need to have a lot of money to get yourself one flying balloon and keep on daydreaming.


Girl with mirror.

Tel Aviv is a very trendy city. Not high class fashion but definitely, people are very aware about their looks and appearance. If you want to see the closest thing to the 80ies - come here. (Remember to bring only Summer clothes cause it's still so hot) I like that all together, everybody is very relaxed and the clothes you can buy on the street are pretty cheap.


The Great Pretenders.

Wow, it's really hot today in Tel Aviv. They say it's going to be the last of the hot days. Never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to some cold crisp mornings. 
Heat and Halloween made me think about this:

Aaaand... Do you like these?

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Have a great weekend!


"Animals, Plants and Some Drinks" prints - are now available at my Etsy store :)


Animals, Plants and some drinks #8.

Rabbits are celebrating their anniversary.